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You a designer, man?

If you are, that’s great! We’re now looking for talended, creative minds to join our community. You can help us create the best place to get art prints online.

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You design. We print, sell and ship.

And guess what. We provide the best quality print possible.

It’s obvious that you want your design to look stunning. And we can guarantee, that you’ll be amazed by the quality of our prints. Wanna know why? Take a look at the FAQ section.

We have the technology!

We have the technology!

We’re building a platform for creative people to sell their artwork. And it’s going to be damn fine! As a verified author you’ll get access to your beautifully designed dashboard.

You’ll be able to see who likes your work, who follows you, who adds your prints to their wishlists, and even see to which country we’re shipping your prints mostly.

As one of the popular designers you’ll earn badges. Oh yeah. The „show off” feature is included with every account.

You’re going to make some money.

You’ll get a commission on every sale of your design.

For every print with your design we sell, a certain amount of cash will go to your account. And the more you sell, the bigger the commission gets. Take a look at the chart below.

OMG! Free prints!

You can spend whatever you earn in the store.

That way you can get your room filled with amazing prints without a single penny spent.

Newbie Fine Damn Fine VIP
Sold less than 25 prints Sold between 25-100 prints Sold between 100-250 prints Sold over 250 prints
7.5% of every sale 12.5% of every sale 17.5% of every sale 20% of every sale
Keep in mind that these rates might slightly change since we’re still working whole business thing out ;)

Did we mention badges?

Oh, yeah. Once you’re a registered member you’ll be able to earn achievements!

What kind of achievements? Well, we’re still working on the list of badges. But here are some we’ve already decided on. Take a look. Or send us your own suggestion.

  • Fine seller Sell over 25 prints.
  • Eurotrip Prints sold to 5 different european countries.
  • Damn, I’m fabulous! Order a print with one of your own designs.
  • Stay foolish Get your print in the Motivational collection.
  • I’m popular! Get 100 followers.
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